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On & On Aahar Chilli Powder
In every Indian Kitchen, Chilli Powder has undoubtedly conquered a very important position. We are so fond of this spice that every Indian recipe demands the addition of Chilli Powder in it. Here we bring you one of the best and perfectly grind chilli powders from the famous On & On Aahar that even adding a small dash would enhance the spiciness of your meal. The Chilli Powder is grind using very little rapeseed edible oil retaining the flavour of pure chillies. Well, spice up your meal with just a pinch of On & On Aahar Chilli Powder and experience the bliss of red hot chilli.
Product Chilli PowderBrand On & On AaharNet Weight 200gIngredients Chilli, Ref. Rapeseed Edible OilThe Pack Contains 1x200 g On & On Aahar Chilli PowderApprox Nutritional Information per 100g
Calories 430.00KcalTotal Fat 19.00gCholesterol 0 mgSodium 400 mgTotal Carbohydrate 51.10gSugars 6. 90gProtein 14.00g